Jennifer Borrelli is a advocate and survivor of sexual violence. Her story of survival is connected to the testing of the backlog rape kits. She has decided to share her story, experience with the judicial system and the impact this crime had on her life. Her sarcastic, witty and unique writing style will make you laugh and relate to the reality of her life journey.

Jennifer is currently studying Public Administration with a focus on non-profit. Her dream is to start a non-profit designed to assist sexual assault survivors going through the court process find the resources they will need to heal and the courage to speak out about sexual violence.

Jennifer hopes to inspire survivors of sexual violence, mental illness and others to know that they are not alone, their voice matters, healing is a lifelong process and invites you to join her on this complicated journey to become “normal”. If you would like to join her on this journey or need someone to hear your voice, reach out to pickingupthevoices@gmail.com to connect.

Jennifer is not affiliated with the documentry “I Am Evidence” about the testing of the backlog DNA kits, featured on HBO. She just really loves the powerful message of this shirt and highly recommends watching the documentary.

Photo Credit: Bruce Bishop